Take charge of the change

EPOC (Empowering People of Colour) is a movement of senior executives and leaders from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, joined by a singular goal: adding greater diversity to Boards across the UK. We do this by facilitating and empowering our members in building meaningful, mutually beneficial working relationships with Chairs and SIDs (Senior Independent Directors) of major national organisations across a variety of industries. 

There are no joining fees, ever. All we ask for is your commitment to the endeavour.

Portrait of RandeepPortrait of EPoC memberPortrait of EPoC member

Becoming an Epoc Member

While our organisation is inclusive of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, membership is exclusive to high-level executive talent who identify as a person of colour. 

To join, you will need to attend  EPOC events as a guest and network with existing members. Once you have become familiar with our membership and our way of working, you then need to be nominated by two members.

5 Attributes for Becoming a Member


A senior-level executive of colour actively seeking non-executive roles


Commitment to getting to know other EPOC members in order to personally sponsor and promote them

Willingness to share subject-matter expertise, if asked


Ability to contribute connections/sponsorship opportunities to EPOC


Desire  to help to broaden EPOC’s network and impact


By committing to getting to know members on a personal level, we can ensure assurance around suitability and sponsor you for roles based on your expertise, experience, character and values. 

Together, we can go from being overlooked to being seen — bridging the divide between those who have the non-executive opportunities and the executives of colour who seek them.

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